LED Candelabra

LED Candelabra Light Bulbs

Eco-Friendly LED Bulb Lights

Browse the largest and most comprehensive selection of energy saving LED Candelabra light bulbs anywhere. Seesmart LED Candelabras set the standard for LED bulb lights. Our LED Candelabra bulb lighting is available in a huge variety of sizes, styles and color temperatures including warm white and day white. Our energy efficient Candelabra bulb light is offered in dimmable, frosted glass, clear glass as well as flametip, globe and straight to accomodate any lighting application.

Low Wattage LED Candelabra

Seesmart's eco-friendly Candelabra bulb lighting is the leader in low wattage LED light bulbs  using only 3 watts (3W) of power significantly reducing costly lighting energy. In addition LED Candelabra bulb lights provide superior light quality while lasting "20,000 hours" far longer than traditional incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL's). This long lasting ability makes them an excellent choice for commercial lighting applications.

LED Lighting Specifications

At Tri-State LED Lighting we encourage you to review our Candelabra light bulb product specifications and compare them to our lighting competitors. Our Candelabra LED bulbs provide superior lumens, lower wattage and longer lifespan.

Dimmable Candelabra LED

LED candelabras are an exceptional alternative for inefficient decorative incandescent bulbs. Their design offers maximum light output while using a fraction of the energy required for your standard light bulb. Because of their unique solid-state design, LED candelabra lights require no warm up time, are extremely durable, require virtually no maintenance, and have a long life expectancy. Some LED candelabra lights offer dimmability, which gives you the ability to set the light level in any room.

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